Moving America Forward with William Shatner:
Featuring Fortress Financial

Watch the President of Fortress Financial Services, Stephen K. Galgoczy, being interviewed by William Shatner and Doug Llewelyn in a previously aired, nationally televised TV show, where Fortress Financial was honored with the prestigious Moving America Forward Award. Listen to an in-depth explanation of what happens when you owe back taxes and how the experts at Fortress Fortress can assist you on Moving America Forward with William Shatner.

Back Taxes Video Series

We at Fortress Financial want to ensure that you make an informed choice for your representation. Therefore we have prepared this series of videos to help you with that process.

Please click on any video below to watch.

Part_1 Part_2
Part 1: Making Informed Decisions when you are in collections with the IRS Part 2: Tax Resolution: Beware of Scammers
Part_3 Part_4
Part 3: The IRS River—An Easy To Understand Tutorial For Determining the Seriousness of a Tax Problem Part 4: Fortress Financial Services, Inc.: Tax Attorneys Who Fix Back Tax Problems
Part_5 Part_6
Part 5: How To Get Your Money’s Worth When Choosing a Tax Debt Collection Professional Part 6: When Fortress Is Not the Best Choice for You
Part 7: Commitment to Excellent Tax Debt Representation Service: Fortress Financial Services, Inc.