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If you do not qualify for an Offer in Compromise, an alternative method of reducing the amount that you owe is to obtain an Abatement of Penalties.   In order to obtain an Abatement of Penalties with the Internal Revenue Service it is necessary to establish what the IRS calls “reasonable cause.”

A Formal Request for Abatement of Penalties is a written request to the government stating a case for reasonable cause and abatement of penalties.   These Formal Requests can vary widely in quality, depending upon who drafts the request.

In order to maximize your chances of obtaining an Abatement of Penalties, a professional and lawyerly written document is necessary.   Facts must be portrayed in a light that is favorable to the taxpayer.   The law must be stated accurately.   The analysis should contain persuasive legal arguments applying the law to the facts at hand.   Any supporting documents tending to establish reasonable cause should be attached.

Taxpayers generally only get one chance to request an Abatement of Penalties. Let our experienced attorneys make the most of it.

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"I was faced with a horrible tax debt, and my CPA and local attorney had no idea what to do. Fortress worked a miracle for me as far as I’m concerned, and they did it with such wonderful compassion and professional expertise. I feel incredibly relieved and finally have hope of being financially stable once again."

At Fortress, we guarantee that the tax practitioner handling your case will be a licensed attorney who has demonstrated superior advocacy skills – both verbal AND written.   Since attorneys possess comprehensive training in legal writing and our staff possesses extensive experience in drafting Formal Requests for Abatement of Penalties, we can assure you of the very best chances of obtaining an Abatement of Penalties.

Attorneys vs Accountants
Which is Best for You?

Resolving your tax debt typically has very little to do with accounting, and everything to do with building and presenting a strong case.

Most CPA’s have very little experience, if any, resolving back taxes. Our attorneys do nothing but resolve back taxes, day in and day out.

Negotiation and persuasive skills, not number-crunching skills, get the best results when it comes to resolving back taxes.

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