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Tax Resolution Arizona & Tax Relief Phoenix & Tax Help Tucson, AZFortress Financial Services is a nationwide tax resolution services company that offers assistance with all Arizona individual and business unpaid IRS debt and back tax matters. Our team of six tax attorneys has over 60 years of combined experience resolving tax liabilities, and takes pride in seeing people who come to us get the tax relief benefits they need.  We also sincerely care about our clients and handle all cases with the utmost compassion.

Our tax attorneys understand that your life has changed due to unresolved tax debt, and you are under a lot of stress simply trying to adjust. The added stress of having to deal with the IRS or other tax debt collection agencies doing everything possible to nickle and dime you more than you should have to handle. That is why we are here. We will handle it, and we will handle it correctly.

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Our backtax advisors are dedicated to helping people in Arizona get the tax relief benefits they have paid for. We help clients in need of  Arizona tax resolution services in cities such as:

  • Phoenix Tax Debt Relief
  • Tucson Tax Debt Relief
  • Mesa Tax Debt Relief
  • Glendale Tax Debt Relief
  • Scottsdale Tax Debt Relief
  • Chandler Tax Debt Relief
  • Tempe Tax Debt Relief
  • Gilbert Tax Debt Relief
  • Peoria Tax Debt Relief
  • Yuma Tax Debt Relief

We Offer a Wide Variety of Tax Resolution Services

We offer tax resolution and tax debt relief in a variety of categories; including Offers in Compromise also know as and “OIC“,  Abatement of Penalties , IRS Installment Agreements, Trust Fund Recovery Penalties and additional services.

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