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EFTPS | Electronic Federal Tax Payment System | IRS Form 941

Payroll Tax Deposits 101

Starting a new business comes with an enormous amount of responsibilities.  One of the most commonly overlooked, though, is the responsibility to learn how, when, and why to report different types of taxes the business may be obligated to pay and file.  Payroll taxes, also known as employer withholding taxes or 941 taxes, are among …

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941 Tax | IRC 6672 | Trust Fund Recovery | TaxFortress

Personal Liability for Unpaid Employer Withholding Taxes

Can I be held personally liable for unpaid 941 employer withholding taxes?  What can be done to avoid this/protect personal assets/income? If you are an owner, officer, check-signer or decision-maker at a business that is behind on 941 taxes, you are at risk of being personally assessed with a penalty – called the Trust Fund …

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