Tax Scams

Abusive tax scams originally took the structure of fraudulent domestic and foreign trust arrangements. However, these schemes have evolved into sophisticated arrangements to give the appearance that taxpayers are not in control of their money. However, the taxpayers receive their funds through debit/credit cards or fictitious loans. These schemes often involve offshore banking and sometimes establish scam corporations or entities.

How To Defend Yourself Against The Dirty Dozen Tax Scams

IRS Dirty Dozen Tax Scams | Fortress Financial Services Inc

Each year, the IRS publishes its “Dirty Dozen” tax scams, which is essentially a list of the biggest, most widespread tax-related scams. Typically, the lion’s share of the “Dirty Dozen” consists of schemes perpetrated by individuals and businesses trying to scam the IRS by way of abusive tax shelters, hiding […]

I Am Being Bombarded With Phone Calls From Tax Resolution Companies

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So you owe taxes to the state or federal government, then all of the sudden one day your phone rings. It’s a representative from a company stating he is aware you have a tax debt and he wants to sell you a service to resolve your tax liability. You hear […]

Beware of IRS Telephone Scam With Threat of Arrest or Jail

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Caller: Hello, Ms. Smith? Taxpayer: Yes? Caller: This is Michael Jones with the IRS, badge # 01324847. Is this the Ms. Smith that resides at 232 West Baker Street? Taxpayer: I, uh…. Caller: I have a warrant for your arrest for back taxes owed from 2008 through 2012 for “theft […]

Identity Theft and the IRS – Beware of Identity Thieves Stealing “Your” Tax Refund

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You’ve been overpaying your taxes all year long, saving money in your IRS ‘refund account’ with the expectation that you will get that big fat juicy refund early next year. You get some software and prepare your own return or hire a tax preparer exclaiming big money is waiting for […]