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Fortress 4-Star Customer Service Guarantee

  1. Customer service guaranteeAll active-status client emails and phone calls will be returned within a maximum of 2 business days (and will typically be returned within 1 business day), provided that the contacted Fortress employee was not away from the office due to illness, vacation or otherwise.*


  1. In the event that Fortress ever fails to uphold obligation #1 (above), the client is requested to directly notify the President of Fortress, Stephen K. Galgoczy, so that the issue can be addressed to the client’s satisfaction and so that future instances can be prevented.


  1. If, after notifying the President of Fortress of a failure of Fortress staff to respond within 2 business days, such a failure happens again, the client will be entitled to a $100 credit against any scheduled post-dated payment to Fortress. If there are no scheduled post-dated payments to Fortress, Fortress will send the client a check for $100.


  1. If a client ever has any customer service related issue with the Fortress staff, the client is asked to notify the President of Fortress (Stephen K. Galgoczy). Galgoczy requires an exceptionally high level of customer service, and will make a good faith effort to resolve any and all customer service issues to the client’s satisfaction.







A “business day” is a day when Fortress was open for business, and was not affected by power, internet or telephone outages.  Clients will typically be serviced by a two-person Fortress team consisting of an attorney and an attorney’s assistant.  For pre-scheduled days off (e.g. vacation days), the vacationing employee will typically have an email auto-reply indication as well as a temporary voicemail message explaining the employee’s absence.  In these situations, clients are encouraged to contact the non-vacationing team member to whom the client is assigned (e.g. if the attorney is on vacation, the client should contact that attorney’s assistant and vice versa).  For unexpected employee absences (e.g. employee is unexpectedly away due to illness or injury), there will not be an email auto-reply or temporary voicemail message explaining the employee’s absence.  In these situations, clients are encouraged to contact the other team member to whom they are assigned in the event that the contacted employee does not respond by the following business day. 

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