Fortress Financial Services intervenes with the taxing authorities on your behalf, protects your wages and assets from enforcement, and, with few exceptions, resolves your tax liability with favorable terms, oftentimes saving thousands of dollars in the process.

Every Case is Handled Personally by a Licensed Attorney

Fortress Financial Services, Inc. is the only significant national tax resolution firm in the United States where every single case is handled personally by an attorney who handles nothing but back tax cases day in and day out.

Attorneys vs. Accountants: Which Is Best For You?

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We Help You with Your Back Taxes

If you are an individual or business who owes more than $15,000 to the IRS or a state, then Fortress can help you.

We have experience assisting clients throughout the United States, and can work on cases in any state.

We are Your Back Tax Experts

Fortress Financial’s Stephen Galgoczy discusses the process of back taxes and your best approach to handling them, as featured on Moving America Forward with William Shatner.

Learn more from our back taxes video series.

Find Relief to Your Tax Problems

The first step towards relief is to contact Fortress.  Our caring and knowledgeable staff can outline a solution for you at no charge, and can tell you whether you might qualify for a tax settlement or a reduction in penalties.